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About Soulgood Kid

Soulgood Kid is the solo project of 25-year-old Chinese artist and producer Xiaoqi Zhou

Growing up in the cyberpunk city of Chongqing, Xiaoqi Zhou recalls climbing her desk and passionately singing to her family. This innate passion for music grew into her formative years, when Zhou began to discover her sexuality as a queer woman in conservative Chinese society. She felt forced to learn classical piano at the age of five but didn’t enjoy its restrictions.

Music was her freedom. 


 She packed up her life to study at Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music in Hollywood, California after graduating from high school. She finished four programs during collages including Associates of Arts in Vocal Performance, Independent Artist Certificate, Audio Engineering Certificate and  Associates of Science in Studio Recording. 


The debut Album 'HOMEGROWN' is released on July 8th,2022, with unique vocal arrangements, sound design and mixing techniques she created this song based on the idea of an ambiguous relationship which recalls the lo-fi, chill vibes with the flavor of R&B. Influenced by Indie alternative, R&B, psychedelic pop, jazz and many more genres, Zhou is now working as a music producer, mixing engineer and singer-songwriter who's constantly experimenting with different approaches to her music.

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